13 Haunting Ghost Stories

Haunting Ghost Stories These are true stories based on submissions from the wasspeed Hansel, never gon answer. These are their encounters. One night when I was in seventh grade, I…

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Who Patented the UFO

The Mysterious Genius Who Patented the UFO

Who Patented the UFO? This is the story about a forgotten genius, a gifted sculptor artist and modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, whose UFO-like invention was the realm of pure science…

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Mysteries You've Never Heard

Top 20 Mysteries You’ve Never Heard Of

Mysteries You’ve Never Heard Of They took the alien’s body and they buried him at the cemetery and gave him a christian barrel. Welcome to DuoHero.com and today we’re counting…

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Japan's Greatest Unsolved Mystery

The Glico-Morinaga Incident: Japan’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery

Japan’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery This article post is sponsored by Hunt A Killer, the perfect subscription box for fans of true crime, ARGs or mystery solving in general. So, given…

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Most Mysterious Places

12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Can’t Explain

12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Can’t Explain When it comes to life on earth and human history, scientists and historians have some of the answers, but not all of…

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